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Metal Column Casings

Metal column casings are a modern alternative to traditional methods of providing an aesthetic casing around unsightly structural columns.
Our Metal casings are manufactured off site by an established metal fabrication company in the West Midlands, who we have partnered with for many years. The casings are individually designed for each project and are suitable for interior and exterior situations where a highly durable finish is required.

Advantages of using Metal casings for the Main Contractor are in the off site manufacture of the casings meaning the site fixing operation is much faster and involves just the one trade. The casings are self finished, so are usually installed at the very end of the Fit Out.

Advantages of using Metal casings to the Designer are in the quality and consistency of finish achievable and the range of bespoke designs and details available by specifying Ryedale Interiors Metal casings. The Metal casings are perfectly smooth and very durable and do not require any site finishing. The Metal casings can be supplied with the Sublimation finish which essentially replicates the appearance of timber, stone, marble or any material. In specific situations where excessive damage may occur from trolleys etc it is recommended that some kind of additional protection be incorporated into the design, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Where can they be used - Metal casings are suitable for use in a wide range of situations including commercial office buildings, Hotels, reception areas and retail interiors/exteriors in both refurbishment and new build situations, where unsightly structural columns - usually with attached services, need to be concealed.

Our standard range of circular Metal column casings is available as shown, with a standard range of head and base details available to incorporate into the casings. The casings are generally supplied in two halves with a vertical rebated joint detail for site fixing to a framework. The two halves are screw fixed to a basic lightweight framework fixed onto the existing column and the recces is covered with either a mastic sealant or a metal channel profile to conceal the fixings.

Any bespoke design can be designed and manufactured to order – elliptical casings, tapering casings, rebated casings, square or rectangular casings – our skilled craftsmen can produce any shape or profile incorporating any head or base detail – limited only by the imagination of the designer.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We offer a supply only or a supply and site installation service for all our products, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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